Masterclass II

Online Reputation and How it Effects Your Personal Brand


Online Reputation and How it Effects Your Personal Brand

Branding Profile

Career Transition

Job Search

Entrepreneur Branding

Executive Promotion

Social Brand

Canvas Your Talent

Build your profile inside out and outside in.

Share Your Value

Market to your audience. Make friends. Share juicy and engaging content.

Ignite Your Tribe!

Deliver products that your ideal client needs and will purchase.

Why You Should Join The Masterclass

Understand New Rules for Online Reputation Mgmt

Where do you need to be and what to consider.

Step-By-Step Overview

Outline the steps you need to assess, grow and manage your online reputation.

Take Reputation Inventory Today

We’ll help you attract the right people and companies you want to work with.

How does your online reputation effect your personal brand?

Real life examples of decisions made by buyers based upon *****s.

Why You Should Join The Masterclass

Proven Methodology

Our Branding Canvas & Process is a proven way to elevate your brand & level up.

Step-By-Step Guide

Outline the right steps you need to take to master your personal brand.

Attract The Right People

We’ll help you attract the right people and companies you want to work with.

Branding Strategy

We’ll help you with your ‘Inside Out’ vs. ‘Outside In’ branding strategy.

The Power Of Your Personal Brand

Personal Brand Profile

The canvas is your personal brand profile developed in a creative way and deeply integrated to who you are describing what your passion is – from the inside out. This profile informs all your LinkedIn online profiles and your offline introductions.


Whether you’re a VP looking to become a CEO or a receptionist looking to become a marketing manager – establishing your personal brand on and offline in concert with the FUTURE position paints the picture of your passion for your next promotion.

Entrepreneur Branding

When an entrepreneur develops their first company or product, often, their person brand gets tangled into the company or product. Learn how to build your personal value alongside your projects.

Job Search

Whether you’re looking for a new job or your next contract on Upwork, the profile you place on LinkedIn and Upwork determines whether you get a look-see. Learn how to capture your perfect employer’s attention.

Career Transition

Bravo! You’ve landed on a new career direction. Now, how do you convince the world that you understand the new role, understand your impact on your network and are the right resource for this new opportunity? You guessed it – Personal Branding.

Social Brand

Do you love your current career? Do you hate social media? Learn how and what to do online to promote your personal brand.

Why All About That Brand?

Proven Process

Easy personal branding process to create or update your personal brand.

Examples to Guide You

Clear examples of people who used the workbook with great results.

Corporate VS Personal

The difference between a corporate and personal brand & how they work together.

Personal Branding Expert

Grace Lanni

Inspiring clients to discover their personal brand for business success is Grace Lanni’s passion. Grace developed a unique understanding of the issues that leaders face in tough economic times. Grace released All About That Brand™ mid 2016, which is a personal branding platform including workbooks, online courses and VIP programs. All About That Brand™ has been leveraged by a myriad of business owners and leaders to design their personal brands.

If you would like to learn more about Grace Lanni and how she helps businesses find success, take the time to check out her podcasts. Hosted by eWomenNetwork, the All About That Brand Podcast Series features interviews from top branding specialists and business owners to discuss the many different faces of personal branding and how it impacts real businesses.