fleetwoodYou have customers because you deliver value to them. Whether it’s a product or service, you are helping them accomplish a job. Are you clear about the service you are providing? Is your team clear about the value?

RSE is going to the woodshed on the concept of value right now. (In the music biz, you go to the woodshed to learn a new song or to make it better/fresher prior to going out in public.) We are known as being the value creators for our clients and transferring that value back to our client. Why? Because our juice and our purpose is being able to identify customer problems, design a plan, then deliver on that plan.

Our website was old; it even had a mobile web patch on the front end to make it easier for phone/tablet users to connect to us. Why? We were so busy delivering value for our clients, we stopped making time to tell our story.

Personal Branding

RSE Branding Canvas for Entrepreneurs

The new website is up and live and 2016 is the year we are telling our own story. Through our website, our social platforms (linkedin, facebook, google, youtube), our newsletters, and we are rolling out the tools we use to hone our value story to our clients: RSE Branding Canvas and the Business Model Canvas. We are taking Personal Branding and Content Development from the back room into the sales suite. We are leveraging our Branding Canvas for internal communications strategies and new product launches.

RSE Consulting is becoming a fresh model for content-centric online presence for an Optimization Consultancy.

Optimization delivered: more opportunities, more prospective engagement, and a fresh value-based story in which your clients will invest. Looking forward to brainstorming with you.