RSE Consulting is developing more personal branding websites for business owners, speakers, artists, healers, and executives than EVER before. The value of personal branding has caught on; however, my clients are ever curious about how their website determines rank on Google with SEO.

We call all your internet activity your ‘internet platform’. Your website is merely a part of this platform. We work with companies and individuals to align what others say about you (your brand)

goglewith what you are expressing online (your brand-ing).

  1. Once your brand profile and brand messaging are developed using our myriad of tools, (The Branding Glass©, 360Reach, etc), we scope out recommended online (and offline) activities that will most effectively proliferate your brand – i.e. do you need a full website, or will a blog site do just fine.
  2. Google is a search engine company. Google simply desires to present the MOST RELEVANT (I like the word, FAVORED) search results to whatever someone types into the search box. (period.) Why? Because they get to remain #1 and harvest as much revenue from advertising as possible. Why? That’s how they make their money.
  3. How does Google ensure their results are optimum? They a) update their search algorithm monthly, b) find the most favored search results, and c) BLOCK anyone trying to ‘game’ or ‘backlink’ the system. Let’s face it – any vendor that ‘guarantees’ position on Google is likely trying to unnaturally elevate your position with fake comments, backlinks or worse – backlinks to unsavory sites. Google’s algorithm changes monthly! RSE will not condone this process, and will notify our clients in writing that this activity is against our recommendations and values.
  4. How does Google determine the ‘most favored results?’ Based upon natural or organic activity on your platform. Did you make a post on LinkedIn about personal branding, and the #1 personal branding expert, William Arruda, commented on it? That is the kind of favor you want to cultivate. Did you make a tweet that 1000 people liked or retweeted? Again, favored.
  5. Social sites like LinkedIn & Twitter are favored in the SEO effort because that’s where people go learn about things. If your activity is liked, shared, and commented upon – you BECOME MORE FAVORED!
  6. You are probably thinking, how do I get my little website to be favored against Facebook & Twitter? This is where SEO Optimization comes in. This is also where branding, keyword selection, and oh so many other secret sauce items come in.
  7. Your platform must be something you are passionate about.
  8. You (or someone you hire) must generate spectacular regular content (blogs) leveraging the right keywords. Just generating content isn’t going to get you page 1.
  9. You need a website that will get out of its own way. Meaning – ensure that there aren’t sliders, widgets, and other items that will prevent Google from effectively crawling your site to understand the cool content you DO have.
  10. Augment your website with a social media strategy that will a) leverage your keyword strategy and b) link to your website and c) create online conversations with the favored people leading your platform market & who are already favored.
  11. Augment your website with offline activities like networking, speaking, ebook writing, etc. that will support your passionate brand.

The reality is you may really be interested in ranking on the first page of Google for certain keywords because you are looking to generate more clients. Perhaps an SEO strategy (SMB fees range from $250-$2000/mo) is not the most effective/affordable solution for you today. Perhaps it is the ONLY effective way to get noticed against your competition.

Try looking at branding as a piece of your strategic puzzle and your website as a piece of the branding puzzle. Then, forge ahead on your passionate, favoring journey.