PBarousse2 years ago, at 65, I began to paint again. A lot. After creating a dozen canvases, a friend of mine put up our first website and created a Facebook fan page. We also had a fulfillment partner who could receive hi-res scans of my canvases and turn them into framed prints, coffee cups, leggings and more. Months and months went by, and almost no sales. My wife and I carried our artwork around Central Texas to art fairs, local city fairs, vineyard fairs, donated to local causes: you name it, we did it. What did we get? Exhausted. What did we learn? These venues were only successful for a very few artists.

In January, we received an intro to RSE. They offer a 90-min personal branding session that opened our eyes to how we might be successful at our retirement business!

By April, we had developed an AWESOME logo, biz cards, poster templates, website, Facebook fan page, Pinterest Page, coffee table book and we were hosting our first Art Show! We had wine, cheese, live music, >100 attendees, $$sales and even the Mayor visited!

I have to admit, during month one, my wife and I were terrified. We agreed to a multi-thousand dollar plan over three months, and didn’t yet have anything demonstrable except for a few logo concepts. We trusted RSE, and now, we are so glad we did. We have a platform that will support us at an ‘expert’ level! Oh, and we were able to retain RSE to support our monthly hosting, maintenance, SEO and social media efforts. The ideas keep coming – they are engaging with multiple online art print vendors – and we are focusing on our own art shows in the right places to the right audiences.

Thank you, RSE, for supporting our retirement dreams. PB & RB